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Foshan Majorpack Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd has 29years of experience in R&D and customized production of packaging machinery, a production base of 35700 square meters, 82 design engineers, 86 debugging engineers, 121 production employees, and 73 quality inspectors.

Majorpack’s self-produced packaging machines have many varieties, and 5 types of packaging machinery are independently developed and produced. According to customer requirements, it can meet customer's single machine use or automatic packaging line linkage, saving labor and improving efficiency. Free design and sample testing services are provided.

Majorpack ’s packaging machine has CE, ISO, EU1935/2004 food grade certificates, and a number of Chinese invention patent certificates.


  • CE, ISO, EU1935/2004

  • Certificates
  • Professional Pre-sale
    packaging scheme
  • Rigorous quality inspection
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We provide experience & high level construction worksolution for you!

Superior quality machinery manufacturer
As a pioneer in the industry, Majorpack has been determined to build high-tech and high-quality automation machinery since the early days of its establishment. From 1993 to 2022, Majorpack has positioned its brand vision as "to be a manufacturer of superior quality machinery and equipment", and has interpreted this ideal by steadily walking in the forefront of industry development and superimposing the brand reputation in the market. If you want to be good at what you do, you must first be good at what you do. Songchuan has been focusing on packaging automation products for 29 years, so that customers are satisfied!


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Clients Say

Lucky is very professional, the machine runs well, very good, strong team, very timely after-sales service, thank you very much.

Kent ***
Kent ***

Machine is good,The plastic bag packing machine is connected to the box packing machine, so I don't have to worry about the labors.


Majorpack is excellent supplier! Design Project professionally, every detail to help me mark out, my customers are very satisfied with my service and machine! Let me have more confidence in the packing scheme of the packing machine!

Juan Pa***
Juan Pa***

Majorpack is a very loving company, the boss encourages us to learn machines with patience and bonuses, and when there are problems, there are usually machines available for me to answer.

Lucky Lau
Lucky Lau

Majorpack’s Oversea sales manager

Majorpack is a very down-to-earth company and everyone gets along friendly and equally.  We encourage and help each other when we are in trouble. Let me feel that going to work is not a horrible thing!

Alebrt Su
Alebrt Su

Majorpacks’s engineer manager