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Metal / tools packing machine

Automatic double dish counting sachets hardware screw packing machine for screw

Model : Screw packing machine

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Weighing and counting packing machine is suitable for variery of hardware parts and plastic parts. For example hardware parts, nuts, bearing, bolts, plastic parts, screws, fasterner, bearings etc.

It can also be modified to suit various hard and regular products such as soft candy and honey stick.

Technical Features:
1. Tailored to the screw samples of the vibration plate, linear vibration arrangement, and sophisticated counting control device to ensure that each bag is accurate.
2. Packaging icon packaging materials, the machine advanced step control, with the use of color tracker can get the perfect icon design.
3. SCM control system, fault self-stop, self-alarm, self-diagnosis, safe and easy to use.
4. Automatic display of the number of packages, the statistics can easily work out the machine.
5.Single-plate measurement of a single screw, if you need to pack a variety of specifications at the same time the need for multiple vibration disk supporting the use of.

Majorpack screw count and packing machine's details:

Vibration plate
Majorpack according to screw/special parts sample tailored to the vibration plates with precise count control devide, to ensure that every bag is accyrate and correct.
Vibrating plate combinations
A single species of single-dish measurement of screws, scrw specifications for packaging the same time be supporting the use of multiple vibrating plate.
Counting control device
Adopting spacing counting and fiber optics re-inspection or completed fiber optics counting.
Feed in bag former and packing 
Bag length can be easily set on the touch screen at will, Package material feeding driven by inverter motor, which runing sped can be adjust at will.


Majorpack screw count and packing machine's electric part 

Majorpack screw count and packing machine's Sample


Majorpack's screw packing machine can be added to meet the requirements of customers and achieve full automation production.


Machine model

Single vibrating feeder

Two vibrating feeder

Multi vibrating feeder

Suit for

single material

two material

multi material

Machine name

Automatic counting sachets hardware screw packing machine for screw

Bag shape

pillow bag/stick sachet/3 side sealing/4 side sealing

Packing speed


Roll thickness


Roll width


Roll diameter


Bag width






Suitable for products

single material or multiple diffrent shape material in 1 bag,medicine,commodity,plastic parts,plastic toy,metal parts,automatic
packaging.Widely apply to the packaging of screw, nuts, bolts, backup ring, fasteners, standard items, metal items,plastic items, rubber items, irregular items and etc.

Additional configuration

Coding printer/Gas-filled device/Bag connecting device/punch device/Easy to tear gap

Packing method

Wooden box