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Company Profile

Majorpack has 29 years of experience in R&D and customized production of packaging machinery, a production base of 35700 square meters, 82 design engineers, 86 debugging engineers, 121 production employees, and 73 quality inspectors.

Majorpack’s self-produced packaging machines have many varieties, and 5 types of packaging machinery are independently developed and produced. According to customer requirements, it can meet customer's single machine use or automatic packaging line linkage, saving labor and improving efficiency. Free design and sample testing services are provided.

Majorpack’s packaging machine has CE, ISO, EU1935/2004 food grade certificates, and a number of Chinese invention patent certificates.

Majorpack packing machine’s price advantage is outstanding. Manipulators are produced on a large scale, and the mechanical structure is optimized; years of cooperation with parts suppliers to ensure the purchase cost.

Majorpack with Professional pre-sales and after-sales service, sales engineers have passed the relevant certificates of packaging machinery, can provide professional advice; each machine is equipped with at least 10 after-sales service personnel to track the customer's machine usage in time and solve customer's after-sales problems.