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Do you know about automatic carton box packing machine?

Do you know about automatic carton box packing machine?

13 Dec, 2021

Majorpacks automatic cartoning packing machine is to put the products to be packed into folding cartons and complete the action of sealing or glue-sealing. MajorPack cartoning machine has a full function, with additional functions such as sealing labels, laser/thermal transfer printing, thermal shrinkage wrapping and so on.

Majorpack Automatic carton box packing machine is suitable for single and multiple product packaging.


1.What is the structure and form of the carton box packing machine?

The packing machine can be divided into horizontal type and vertical type according to the way of packing into the carton.

Among them, the model pushed into the carton in the horizontal direction of the packaging is called horizontal, and the model pushed into the carton in the vertical direction of the packaging is called vertical.

At present, horizontal type is in the majority.

Horizontal box can be packaged in a wide range of sizes, low requirements for packaging products, the front end can be designed to connect a variety of different feeding belt, more suitable for daily packaging use.

2.Why do we need automatic carton box packing machine?

In recent years, China and European countries have restricted and banned plastic, and advocated using paper instead of plastic. Environmental protection is the main trend now and in the future.

Cartons belong to environmental protection materials, can be reused;

The main components of paper are cellulose and pectin, decomposed carbon dioxide and water, and less of the other components (microorganisms can decompose the paper and use it into its own nutrients).

So the paper is green and pollution-free.


3.More details about carton box packing machine

Automatic cartridge feeding machine is generally divided into three entrances: manual entrance, product entrance and machine box entrance.

The whole process from the feeding of the machine box to the final packing forming can be roughly divided into four stages: the unpacking, opening, loading and closing the lid.

Box under the action is usually controlled by a sucker a carton from the carton inlet, down to the boxes on the main line, by a guide rail screens will open the carton box fixed with a push plate, at the same time there will be two screens can be move forward rising from below, from the front and rear direction gets stuck on the side of the carton, make a right Angle box open and reach to the loading area.

After filling in the loading area, the mechanism of the machine will fold the ears into the left and right guide rails, and then carry out the closing action.

Before closing the cover, the mechanism will bend the tongue of the carton first, and then there is a push plate to push the lid to bend, so that the tongue is inserted into the box and the lock is tightened.

The closing action is a key action, the completion of the good or bad with the structure of the carton and the accuracy of the machine adjustment has a great relationship.

4.More video about carton box packing machine:

1.Full automatic packing machine line with flow pack machine and carton box packing machine.https://youtu.be/35Bpbbd7COA

2.Full automatic packing machine line with multi lanes packing machine and carton box packing machine.https://youtu.be/Byv4CEIrT8







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