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The Rotary pre-made packaging machine

The Rotary pre-made packaging machine

13 Dec, 2021

The Rotary pre-made packaging machine is mainly composed of standard components such as coding machine, PLC control system, bag opening guide device, vibration device, dust removal device, solenoid valve, temperature controller, vacuum generator or vacuum pump, frequency converter, output system and so on. The main optional configurations are material measuring filling machine, working platform, weight sorting scale, material hoist, vibrating feeder, finished product conveying hoist, and metal detector.

Packing Process steps:

1. Given bag: bag up and down bag delivery, to machine clip, no bag warning, reduce the use of personnel and labor intensity;

2. Print production date: ribbon detection, when the ribbon is used up, stop the machine and alarm, touch screen display to ensure the normal coding of packaging bags;

3, open the bag: bag opening test, do not open the bag does not drop material, to ensure that the material does not lose;

4. Filling material: test, material is not filled, heat seal is not sealed, to ensure that no waste of bag;

5, heat sealing: abnormal temperature alarm, to ensure the quality of sealing

6. Cooling shaping and discharging: ensure beautiful sealing.



Packaging machine it replaces the manual type packing, for large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises implement the packaging automation, the operator as long as it will be a a bag, a one-time will take a bag of hundreds of bag in the equipment, equipment for mechanical grip will automatically take bag, print date, open the bag, to the metering device signal measurement and blanking, sealing, output.

Customers can also add detailed functions such as open emergency stop, automatic card casting, abnormal elimination according to product packaging requirements. The whole process of packaging does not require manual operation, which effectively improves production efficiency for your company, saves labor costs and administrative costs, and significantly reduces costs.


Its application range is extremely wide, can be used for paper plastic composite, plastic composite, aluminum plastic composite, PE composite, packaging material loss is low, the use of prefabricated packaging bags, packaging bag pattern is perfect, good sealing quality, thus improving the grade of products;

It can also be multi-used in one machine. It can realize automatic packing of granule, powder, lump, liquid, soft can, toy, hardware and other products by supporting different metering devices according to different materials.

1, liquid category: detergent, wine, soy sauce, vinegar, fruit juice, beverage, ketchup, jam, chili sauce, bean paste.

2, block type: peanuts, dates, potato chips, crispy rice, nuts, candies, chewing gum, pistachio, melon seeds, nuts, pet food, etc.

3, granules: condiments, additives, crystalline seeds, seeds, granulated sugar, sugar, chicken essence, grain, agricultural products.

4. Powder: flour, seasoning, milk powder, glucose, chemical seasoning, pesticide, fertilizer [1].

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