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Liquid packing machine

Washing liquid Laundry detergent liquid rotary pre-made bag packing machine

Model : MP-8-200/300L

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MP-8-200/300L is a full automatic liquid packing machine for pre-made bag like zipper bag, stand-up pouch or others bag.

Its composed of a bag feeding full-automatic packaging machine and a liquid and sauce filling machine. It is mainly applicable to the automatic metering and


Packaging of liquid such as Washing liquid,Laundry detergent liquid, etc


MP-8200L's Sample


Majorpack's rotary pre-made bag packing machine's working step



Majorpack's rotary pre-made bag packing machine's main features

1) Automatic rotary packing machine adopt precision indexing device and PLC to control each action and working station to make sure the machine operates easily and does accurately. 
2) The speed of this machine is adjusted by frequency conversion with the range, and the actual speed depends on type of products and pouch.. 
3) Automatic checking system can check bag situation, filling and sealing situation.
The system shows 1.no bag feeding, no filling and no sealing. 2.no bag opening/opening error, no filling and no sealing 3.no filling, no sealing.. 
4) The product and pouch contact parts are adopted stainless steel and other advanced material to guarantee the hygiene of products.

Advantage of majorpack's rotary pre-made bag packing machine

1. The liquid feeding bag type automatic packaging machine adopts an advanced PLC plus pod (touch screen) operation interface, which realizes automatic control throughout the process and is easy to operate.

2. The packaging machine controls the release of materials by the measuring machine, so as not to waste materials; The empty bag sealing prevention device controls the empty bag not to be sealed and does not waste the packaging bag.

3. The adjustment of bag width is controlled by motor. Press and hold the control button to adjust the width of each group of clamps, which is convenient and saves time.

4. Safety device: when the working air pressure is abnormal or the heating pipe fails, it will give an alarm.

5. The packaging range is wide. By selecting different meters, it can be applied to the packaging of liquid, granule, paste, powder, irregular block and other materials.

6. Equipped with liquid stirring device to prevent sedimentation of micro particle materials and liquid level control device.


Technical Parameters

Model  MP 8-200/300L rotary pre-made bag packing machine
Suitable product All kinds of Liquid or sauce
Bag Size  Width:80-210 / 200-300mm, Length:100-300 / 100-350mm
Filling Volume   5-2500g (Depending on type of products)
Capacity  30-80 bags/min 
Package Accuracy


Total Power   2.5KW (220V/380V,3PH,50HZ)
Demension    1710*1505*1640 (L*W*H)
Weight   1480KGS
Compress Air Requirement   ≥0.8m³/min supply by user

We can customize the suitable one for you according to your requiredment:

1.What product you want to pack?

2.How many grams per bag?

3.What is bag size and bag type?

Difference of pre-made bag packing machine